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A 3 year multidisciplinary degree in science for internationnally-oriented students who hold dear the values of excellence, audacity and integrity

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Bachelor of science program

École Polytechnique is at the center of the world-class scientific, economic and research hub of Paris-Saclay. At the heart of this vibrant scientific and innovative community, our students interact with world-renowned scientists, engineers, managers, and CEOs of major companies, as well as entrepreneurs.

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A Program of Excellence

The Bachelor Program is a highly selective 3-year degree, taught entirely in English and tailored to academically-inclined students who are passionate about mathematics and science. Our well-rounded approach to learning allows students to develop a solid academic background in science, while exploring subjects in humanities, foreign languages, and social sciences

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A Multisciplinary Approach

The École Polytechnique Bachelor Program offers students the choice of three double majors allowing them to customize their academic journey with a specialization either in :

  • Mathematics and Economics
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Mathematics and Physics
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A Truly International Environment

We are proud to attract students to our Bachelor Program from all across the globe. In fact, our first cohort welcomed students from many different countries; as a result, more than 50% of our Program’s students come from abroad.

In their fifth semester, students are encouraged to pursue a semester abroad at a sister institution. This enriching experience allows students a strategic opportunity to study and network at the institution where they may wish to pursue graduate studies, while giving them the international profile sought by top graduate programs around the world.

Entry requirements

Students are admitted on the basis of strong academic performance in high school, especially in mathematics and science. Admissibility is reviewed on a case-by-case basis depending on the curriculum of study.